The new dng Canadian Postage Stamp Collection was inspired first by the wonderful nature and wildlife that surround us, and then by a sincere desire to create a series of iconic stamp images that would reflect this beauty in a playful, modern way.
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Having collected postage stamps from legendary artists such as Robert Indiana, Andy Warhol, Stuart Davis, Matisse, and many others for some time, I felt that it would be wonderful to create a fun and energetic stamp collection that would represent Canada in a more modern style than a lot of the postage artwork currently available in Canada.

Although not officially comissioned by Canada Post, the dng collection will be presented to Canada Post, May 31, 2013, in the hope that they will indeed become an actual postage stamp series available at postal outlets nationwide.

Please be sure to give the collection a thumbs up on the top of the home page if you would like to see these at your local post office. I am hoping Canada Post will agree this would make a beautiful series and get them into production.

The portfolio collection has also been developed into signed oversize 38" x 36" archival prints available on the shop page as well as a very exclusive portfolio collection edition of hand silkscreened prints. Read below for more information.

The entire stamp collection is also available as a beautiful limited edition hand-silkscreened, signed and numbered portfolio of 10 23" x 22" images printed on Saunders Waterford Hot Press 425 gsm paper. The collection is also presented in a hand silkscreened maple porfolio case. The portfolio is now available at a pre-publication price of $3000.00 until July 12, 2013. Only 4 pre-publication portfolios are available at this price. Post-publication price will commence at $3500.00

Please note that the Portfolio Collection will be published between May 2013 - July 2013.

For more information or to reserve a portfolio collection, please contact
or 250 746 2022.

Oversize 38" X 36" Archival Prints of the collection images are also available on the shop page.

Portfolio Collection

10 silkscreen prints
size: 23" x 22" each
paper: Waterford 425

edition: 10 + 10 AP

$3000.00 CAD / USD
pre-publication price

artwork © dale nigel goble 2013